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  Migrant (移民的) Workers

  In the past twenty years, there has been an increasing tendency for workers to move from one country to another. While some countries have restricted most __________ (51) to local people,others have attracted and welcomed migrant workers. This is particularly the case in the Middle East, __________ (52) increased oil incomes have enabled many countries to call in outsiders to improve local facilities. Thus the Middle East has attracted oilworkers __________ (53) the U. S. A. and Europe. It has brought in workers from many countries, __________ (54) South Korea and Japan.

  In view of the difficult living and worldng __________ (55) in the Middle East, it is not surprising that the pay is high to attract suitable workers. Many engineers and technicians can __________ (56) at least twice as much money in the Middle East as they can in their own country, and this is a major __________ (57)

  Sometimes a disadvantage has a compensating ( 补偿的 )advantage. For example, the __________ (58)living conditions often lead to increased friendship when workers have to __________ (59) on each other for safety and comfort. In a similar way, many migrant workers can save large sums of money partly because of the __________ (60) of entertainment facilities. The work is often complex and full of problems but this merely __________ (61) greater challenge to engineers who prefer to find solutions to problems rather than do routine work in their home country.

  One major problem which __________ (62) migrant workers in the Middle East is that their jobs are temporary ones. They are nearly always on __________ (63) , so it is not easy for them to plan ahead with great confidence. This is to be __________ (64) since no country welcomes a large number of foreign workers as permanent residents. In any __________ (65), migrant workers accept this disadvantage, along with others, because of the considerable financial benefits which they receive.

  51. A. cases

  B. jobs

  C. activities

  D. uses

  52. A. which

  B. what

  C. who

  D. where

  53.A. from

  B. with

  C. in

  D. of

  54. A. opposing

  B. limiting

  C. including

  D. asking

  55. A. parts

  B. conditions

  C. methods

  D. clothes

  56. A. earn

  B. borrow

  C. change

  D. cost

  57. A. role

  B. difficulty

  C. event

  D. attraction

  58. A. necessary

  B. normal

  C. difficult

  D. good

  59. A. depend

  B. look

  C. base

  D. go

  60. A. range

  B. lack

  C. lot

  D. number

  61. A. presents

  B. accepts

  C. takes

  D. meets

  62. A. invites

  B. affects

  C. needs

  D. reflects

  63. A. investment

  B. strike

  C. contract

  D. duty

  64. A. suggested

  B. reported

  C. indicated

  D. expected

  65. A. time

  B. attempt

  C. way

  D. case

  51.B。从上下文的语境来看,尽管多数的国家都限制只将绝大多数的___________ 给当地人,但是其他国家还是吸引和欢迎移民来的工人。四个选项{ob(工作),cases(个案),activities(活动),uses(使用)分别代入,job符合语境。



  54.C。从上下文的语境来看,中东引进了___________ 韩国和日本在内的许多国家的工人,显然including(包括)符合语境。

  55.B。从上下文的语境来看,考虑到中东的艰苦生活和工作___________ ,用高工资吸引合适的工人也就不奇怪了。四个选项conditions(条件),role(作用),difficulty(困难),event(事件)中,condition符合语境。



  58.C。从上下文的语境来看,有时候,不利的地方也可以从有利的地方中得到补偿。例如,在___________ 的劳动条件下,工人们不得不为了安全和舒服相互___________ 时促使友谊加深。从第二段的第一句话可以知道应该是difficult(困难)工作条件。其他三个选项necessary(必需的),normal(正常的),good(好的)都不符合语境。

  59.A。语境同上。这里考查固定搭配。depend on(依靠,依赖),look on(观看,旁观),base on(以……为基础),go on(继续,发生)。这里depend on符合语境。




  63.c。上一句中谈到的句子是最后一段的主题句。接着应该是说明___________ 。所在的句子就是说明。意思是:他们差不多总是订合同的,因而不大可能很有信心地超前安排。“合同”用contract。


  65.D。从上下文的语境来看,不管怎么样,迁移来的工人只能接受这种以及其他方面的不利之处,因为他们得到的经济方面的好处还是很多的。“不管怎么样”用in any case。